About the co-organizer and partners

DirectAuto is a company that provides services for the selection and provision of drivers, car masters and service stations with necessary spare parts for cars. The purpose of the company «DirectAuto»is a quality life with a reliable car.


STELS is a regional network of refueling complexes with high standards of service and the best fuel price supply in the Chernivtsi region. For business customers – it is the wholesale supply of diesel fuel and gasoline on better terms. 

Providna is an insurance company which operating on the Ukrainian market since 1995. Providna is designed to preserve and care for the well-being of every citizen of Ukraine by offering affordable, necessary and high-quality insurance products. The company studies consumer needs, conducts regular studies of the economic and socio-demographic situation of the regions to provide affordable insurance products at a favorable price to residents of each region.


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